Tending the Body, Mind, and Spirit

I believe we are all sacred vessels – manifestations of the Divine, by whatever name we call It.   Yet our journey through life can be challenging as we bump up against less-than-graceful aspects of ourselves and others.  We sometimes lose our way, becoming distracted from our heartfelt truth and life aspirations.  I will listen deeply and join you as you access inner resources to learn, grow, and thrive.    

As an educator, therapist, and coach, I have extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and groups.  Our work together often focuses on navigating life transitions with grace and compassion, creating an inspired life, negotiating relationships, and making choices supportive of well-being at every stage of life.  

I also offer consultation on self-care and burnout prevention to fellow clinicians and others in human services.  A balanced work life is vital to longevity in service professions.    

Life Transitions, Aging, and Spirituality

Life transitions can offer us an opportunity to reexamine our lives and find new purpose and meaning.  Aging and illness can require adjusting to sudden (or impending) loss of physical and cognitive capacities.  The rigors of every day living can challenge us to find alternative ways of being.  Our thinking can lead us into confusion and frustration; it can also shepherd us to clarity and peace of mind. 

With compassionate witness, our innate wisdom and resilience can arise and lead us out of confusion.  At its best, such witness is two (or more) people sitting together being real … being fully present.  I invite you to come meet me there.  

Nutrition, Environmental Factors, and Brain Health 

Many factors support - or undermine - our health and well-being.  My approach includes consideration of nutritional and lifestyle choices to support the whole self and lead to more balanced living.          

Having experienced being “brought to the mat” by a chronic inflammatory response to mold in recent years, I am keenly aware of the challenges of healing from biotoxin illness and other affronts to the immune system.  In addition, my personal and professional experience has made me acutely aware of the demands placed on the body (including the brain) by certain prescribed and over-the-counter medications.

Experience and training have shown me the importance of neuroplasticity and the power of 'rewiring' the brain for a healthier, more adaptable mindset.  This is true even after the limbic system of the brain has been injured by psychological trauma or physical injury.  Recent science reveals that we create new neural pathways in the brain until the moment of death.  This means positive changes in brain function can be achieved leading to improved quality of life.

Death and Dying

As surely as we are born, each of us will one day die.  I am familiar with the territory of death and dying, and bringing closure to this life.  I find it a privilege to accompany those who are on this intimate journey.  This includes being awake to the beauty and fullness of both living and dying.