While many therapists bill health insurance companies for payment, I do not.  Each time we have a session, you pay me directly.  Some clients submit their therapy payment receipts to their health insurance company, and are able to receive reimbursement.  I am happy to provide you with a written bill upon request.

I offer a sliding scale fee of $100-$150 per session for individuals.  The actual fee is determined through discussion between you and me.  Group fees vary depending upon the structure of the group and the time allotted. 

I also offer a 30-minute 'Discovery Session' free of charge by phone or video conference, giving you the opportunity to discuss what you are seeking and to ask questions about how I might support you.  This gives both of us an opportunity to explore whether we might be a good fit to work together.  Please feel free to indicate your interest on the Contact page or call me at (413) 424-3818.

Why do I offer a sliding scale?  In my experience - both as a therapist and as a client - the matter of money is usually a germane part of our overall life circumstance.  When an investment in the form of time, energy, and finances is appropriately determined, the return is far greater.  I believe the fee set should be enough of a stretch that it represents the value of the exchange when placed in the larger context of one’s life.  Conversely, the fee should not be out-of-reach. 

Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card for in-person sessions.  Phone sessions or video conferencing may be paid with credit card.  Payments may also be made through Paypal when arranged prior to the session.