Everyday Spirituality Group

Often we may feel our spirituality is something separate from our daily mundane life – that experiencing a spiritual connection requires a rigid or formal practice or only happens in certain places at certain times.

Some may feel disenfranchised from their childhood faith or religion, yet miss the sense of meaning, purpose, and wonder that their faith once brought them.  Others long for a sense of connection to something greater than themselves, but struggle to “find a way in.”  

Our spirituality is something that abides within and around us constantly regardless of doctrine, creed, or spiritual discipline.  A single moment of awareness can deepen our connection; a simple acknowledgement of gratitude can completely shift our experience of self and others.  The singular act of stopping can change everything.

If you are interested in gathering with others to explore a variety of ways of being in the world which can expand your spirit, email me via my contact page or call 413-424-3818 to schedule an initial interview.    

Group dates, time and location will be set soon.  An 8 week commitment is required. The fee is $40 for each meeting of one hour and 45 minutes duration.