Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices for Mental Health


Everyone knows optimum physical health is the product of balanced nutrition and exercise, but many do not realize these are crucial for our mental health as well.  Often there is so much conflicting information about what dietary choices are best that it is confusing to know where to start.  What to do? 

In this group, we will explore nutrition and life style choices which can support your over-all state of mental health.  Simple changes can make a huge difference in the health of your gut and it's ability to properly absorb nutrients, which is a key to good health.  Sometimes large changes on a short-term basis can build a foundation for long-term improvement.

Looking at these things together can help you make better choices for yourself and end self-defeating behaviors which undermine your body’s optimal biochemistry.  


Some of the most effective interventions I have personally made for mental and spiritual well-being have been nutritional and lifestyle changes.  Making these choices can be difficult.  You will find compassionate support and encouragement here for making such changes to promote your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  

Group dates, time and location will be set soon.  An 8 week commitment is required. The fee is $40 for each meeting of one hour and 45 minutes duration.

Email me via my contact page or call 413-424-3818 to schedule an initial interview.