Facilitated Support Group for Those With Mold Concerns

The presence of an overgrowth of mold in indoor environments can make you, your children and your pets quite ill. 

Upper respiratory distress, intestinal disorders, neurological oddities, unexplained fatigue and cognitive changes – these are some of a vast spectrum of symptoms that can be the result of exposure to mold toxins.

What your doctor may not know about mold illness


Many medical professionals are unaware of mold toxicity as a health concern.  Some have general knowledge but are uneducated about the breadth of the issue – for instance, dramatic instances of toxicity due to Black Mold exposure may have come to their attention, but not the much more common problem of exposure to lesser-apparent molds in home, work and school environments.  Other providers have not yet recognized (or perhaps do not accept) that exposure to mold can cause myriad acute and chronic symptoms in humans. 

As a result, the majority of medical professionals do not have a clue how to help the 25% of us genetically prone to develop the chronic inflammatory response that can be the body’s reaction to such exposure. 

Find support in community

It is time to gather our resources and help one another. 

Group dates, time and location will be set soon.  An 8 week commitment is required. The fee is $40 for each meeting of one hour and 45 minutes duration.

Offering this group springs from my personal experience with mold-related illness and the challenges it can bring.  It will provide both practical and emotional support for addressing the issues surrounding mold exposure.

Email me via my contact page or call 413-424-3818 to schedule an initial interview.