Finding Meaning Through Menopause


Menopause can represent one of the most profound transitions in a woman’s life.  Often major life events, both welcome and unbidden, occur in the midst of the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of these years. Maintaining one’s balance through these changes requires some finesse and even fast dancing at a time when we may feel we have the least resources. 

How do we attend to our emotional self-care while balancing the needs of others?  What will help us gracefully embrace the changes in our bodies?  How do we find meaning in the challenges post-menopause brings?  Where do we turn to help us redefine ourselves and our roles in family and society? 

This support group is an opportunity for women who have fully entered menopause or are post-menopausal to gather together to support one another and share their experiences.  Come participate in the healing and transformational power of a circle of women here in Hadley, MA.

Group dates, time and location will be set soon.  An 8 week commitment is required. The fee is $40 for each meeting of one hour and 45 minutes duration.

Email me via my contact page or call 413-424-3818 to schedule an initial interview.