End of Life Discussion Group

Sometimes the most important matters in life are the most difficult to discuss.  

Other times, it is just difficult to find someone with whom to discuss them.   

In this life, we live with the reality that one day, we will die.  Our health may decline and our quality of life diminish in degrees, or suddenly.  We may be faced with a serious diagnosis or incapacitating health event at any time, regardless of age.  

Often, we do not communicate our concerns and choices about end-of-life care to others.  Sometimes we opt not to consider them ourselves.  Why do we wait? 

This is a group which gives members an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns related to the end-of-life, and ways to prepare.  Here are some of the questions we'll ask ourselves, and consider together:

-  Who do I want to make medical and end-of-life decisions for me, if I am unable to make them for myself?

-  What degree of medical intervention do I wish in the event of an extreme health event or accident?

-  What would bring me comfort and peace of mind at the end of my life?

-  What do I want to have in-place / arranged-for / taken care of in the event that I die unexpectedly?

-  How do I want my life celebrated after I die?

For our own ease, and the ease of those who love us, the best time to communicate our wishes is Now.

Group dates, time, and location to be determined.  A 6 week commitment is required.  The fee is $40 for each meeting of one and one-half hours duration.

Email me via my contact page or call 413-424-3818 to schedule an initial interview.