Anti-Inflammatory Approaches for People Utilizing Psychiatric Medications

This is a 6 week psycho-educational group offering information and strategies for individuals currently utilizing psychiatric medications who wish to support their health and wellbeing

We will discuss the demands medications place upon our bodies, the importance of making beneficial lifestyle choices to increase our resilience and strengthen our immune systems, and practical steps we can take to nourish our body/mind/spirit. 

We will engage a variety of topics (effects of inflammation on the brain and body, supportive nutrition, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, and more) as we reshape our concept of what it takes to support our mental health and wellbeing.

The information I share with you is well-documented, thoroughly researched, and based on practical experience of what has worked for me personally, as well as many other people – clients and practitioners alike – walking this path.  However, it is not medical advice.

This group meets for 6 weeks, and will begin late summer / early fall 2018 (exact time and dates to be determined).  Each meeting is 2 hours long.  The cost is $300, payable upon registration.    Group is limited to 8 participants.  I will request a release to speak with your prescribing physician and individual therapist. 

This group requires an initial individual intake, and I am currently scheduling interviews with potential members for this group.  Please call (413) 687-0380 if you have questions, or would like to schedule a time to meet.  Thank you.